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Thank you for using "Lease Calc Pro (tm)!"

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This program is designed to calculate leases and loans; both vehicle and equipment. It is designed to be easy to use for the casual lendor, or by fleet representatives as a front-end to a leasing/loan system.

This system is also designed as a front-end to ALMSysŪ, a full-function, lease & loan tracking system. (More information on ALMSysŪ can be found at

  • Calculates standard and spreadsheet (loan) types.
  • Allows data to be saved and retrieved in as many different files as desired.
  • Calculates for missing values (calculation solver).
  • Prints amortization schedules, payment schedules, depreciation schedules, customer quotes, and more. You may even design your own forms using the built-in RTF (rich text format) editor.
  • Option to calculate by money factor.
  • Option to calculate end value as a percentage of capitalized cost (residual %).
  • Allows for zero percent interest rates and zero dollar end-values.
  • Calculates monthly taxes, broken down to tax entity. Taxes can be accumulative (U.S.) or calculated separately (GST/PST - Canada). (Also knows how to calculate GST with trade-in liens.)
  • Stores information for names, addresses, vehicle, insurance, trade in, and depreciation.
  • Saved files may be exported to ALMSysŪ to track the deal.
  • Saved files may be exported to Excel or Word in order to accommodate customized forms.
  • Report headings may be customized using the built-in RTF editor.
  • Allows up to 15 user-defined fields.

    Unregistered versions of "Lease Calc Pro (tm)" will only work for 30 days. These restrictions are lifted upon payment and registration. Registration information can be found in help topic Register.

    Folders Used
    The release of Microsoft Vista forces programs to store their data files separately from that of the programs. This program used to store all of its program and data files in the C:\Program Files\Lease Calc Pro folder. Now, the folders used are based on the operating system installed. Here are the typical locations:

  • NT/95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista: C:\Program Files\ALMSysInc\LCPro

    If you upgraded from an earlier version prior to 2.1, then the program folder will most likely be C:\Program Files\Lease Calc Pro.

    This folder contains only the programs required to run Lease Calc Pro. No data files are used from this folder.

    Data Files
    The location of the data files folder is stored in the programs folder in a file named "LCPConnect.ini." Simply double click on the file to view its contents.
  • Vista: C:\ProgramData\ALMSysInc\LCPro
  • NT/2000/XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ALMSysInc\LCPro
  • 95/98/ME: C:\Windows\Application Data\ALMSysInc\LCPro

    This folder contains all of the data files and any other file that is created or modified by the program.