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The export feature allows you to create text files with your Lease Calc Pro data. Virtually all fields may be exported.

The text file layout is an industry standard CSV (comm separated values) format.

General Page
This page is used to create or select an export definition. Export definitions are, by default, stored in the Lease Calc Pro program folder. However, you may store them wherever you wish.

To start a new definition, press the button. 

Use the Name field to give your export a meaningful decription.

The File Name field is the default name of the resulting exported text file. You do not need to fill this in as you will be prompted for a file name each time you export data. 

Use the Location boxes to set the drive and path to where you want the resulting export file to be placed.

Press the button to save your changes.

Fields Page
This page is used to define the resulting layout. The resulting file will be created in a CSV format. Alpha-numeric fields (such as Vehicle Make) will be wrapped in double quotes (i.e. "Chevrolet").

All of the fields that are available to be exported are listed in the box on the right. Expand the category by clicking on the + sign in front of the description.

To add a field, either double-click on it or single-click on it and press the button. Selected fields will be shown in the left box on the screen.

Use the button to add a "null" or "ignore" field. This will show up as nothing between two commas, such as between "Chevrolet",,"Corvette" .

Fields may be moved up or down in the layout by clicking on the field and pressing the and buttons.

A field may be deleted using the button. (Warning: The button at the top of the screen is used to delete the export definition as a whole.)

Exporting data is always done for the lease which is currently open. With the correct export definition selected, press the button. You will be asked for a file name and location to which to export. The export process should take less than a second or two to complete.