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Lease Calc Pro

Lease Calc Pro is designed to calculate leases & loans for the casual lender, or by fleet representatives as a front-end to a lease/loan system.


  • Calculates for missing values (calculation solver).
  • Calculates standard and spreadsheet (loan) type deals.
  • Allows data to be saved and retrieved in as many different files as desired.
  • Prints amortization schedules, payment schedules, depreciation schedules, and customer quotes.
  • Option to calculate by money factor.
  • Option to calculate end value as a percentage of capitalized cost (residual %).
  • Allows zero percent interest rates.
  • Calculates monthly taxes, broken down to tax entity. Taxes may be accumulative (U.S.) or calculated separately (GST/PST/HST - Canada). (Also knows how to calculate GST with trade-in liens.)
  • Stores information for names, addresses, vehicle, insurance, trade in, and depreciation.
  • Saved files can be automatically imported into ALMSys® in order to track the lease/loan.
  • Report headings may be customized using the built-in RTF editor.

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