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Lease Calc Pro Revisions

Version 3.00a (08/26/2016)
  • Fixed bug in non-USA dates.
Version 3.00 (07/16/2013)
  • Revised registration to use a new, permanent registration number.
  • Revised "Look for Updates" to be better.
Version 2.3 (02/08/2012)
  • Expanded numeric fields to allow for larger values.
  • Revised quote to include total cap. cost, cap. adjustments, and net cap. cost.
  • Revised "look for updates" to automatically download and run the update.
  • Added default GST and PST rates and descriptions to preferences.
Version 2.2 (05/18/2010)
  • Added weekly, semi-monthly, and bi-weekly payment frequencies.
  • Added "loan" type.
  • Added "Open" to File menu.
  • Encrypted SSN fields.
Version 2.1 (06/16/2008)
  • Made Vista-ready.
Version 2.0 (02/28/2007)
  • Fixed Due on Delivery on the Quote display for deferred first payments.
  • Added Lease, first payment, and second payment dates to Quote display.
  • Added the ability to show detail for Other Charges on the Quote display.
  • Added the ability to prorate when the first payment is deferred from the lease date.
  • Added preference for the automatic look for updates.
  • Completed the Export feature.
  • Added ability to switch to dd/mm/yyyy date formats.
  • Added ability to suppress telephone formatting.
Version 1.10 (01/10/2006)
  • Added new registration procedures.
  • Added automatic look for updates every 60 days.
  • Automatic resize of certain controls, depending on screen resolution.